The production

“La Macchina Del Suono” is a cultural association which continues the work done by other establishments that during the past years have created learning opportunities and innovative theatrical and musical events, such as “Florence City Musical“, first independent musical showcase in the city, and “Mecenando”.

Right after its foundation, the association takes care of the artistic direction of the 27th edition of “Suoni e Colori in Toscana” Festival in Rignano sull’Arno, a historical and prestigious musical event which garners critical and public acclaim.

La Macchina Del Suono mission is to continue with the organisation of events, showcases and workshops about musical theatre, live music and drama and to liaise with public and private organisations with which it has been establishing beneficial cooperations from both an artistic and a logistic point of view.

The current association’s productions are a show in English language about the history of Florence called “The complete history of Florence abridged in 60 minutes“, which was part of the Florence Summer Festival 2016, and three “teatro-canzone” shows: “Firenze, città di ingegni arditi“, dedicated to the city of Florence in the 20th century; “C’era una volta l’Italia“, which tells the first 150 years of the Italian republic through the eye of auteur cinema; “I due corsari“, dedicated to the artistic couple who invented the teatro-canzone art genre: Giorgio Gaber and Enzo Jannacci.

La Macchina Del Suono also focuses on the theatre’s old traditions with two “Commedia dell’Arte” pieces: “La Mandragola“, which has made its debut in the Teatro Nacionàl in Costarica, and “Apocalypse comedy“, an original piece in the same Commedia dell’Arte form which will be on tour in South America during the next season.

Every MDS production features live music, as music is the common background of all association members and is considered the engine running all the creative and production activities. The cooperation with well know and acclaimed musicians at national level and their presence within the organisation and in its performances makes every MDS production a show of high professional level.

Another important characteristic of the association is its ability of creating projects based on specific requests and covering a wide range of subjects in a short time. In many cases, as it happened for the “Notte Blu 2015” event, MDS created musical theatre shows on specific topics suggested by its clients, a peculiarity which makes it particularly flexible and suitable to the production of theatrical and musical pieces for congresses and companies’ or public organisations’ events.